Video-art about Andean Textiles

This is a videoart project that I did about Andean Textiles, inspired in what I’m learning from Mario Osorio Olazábal. I hope you’ll enjoy it!



This is my new project URANIA… an experimental journey into the wisdom of nature. The show Urania will be shown in Lima, Perú in the festival FUSIONES – TEATRO BRITANICO


I’m helping Carlo Brescia organise an Andean Visionary Festival in the Andes of Perú. There are very knowledgeable people coming to do the lectures on sacred plants and Visionary Arts. I’m very happy to be part of this Festival. I’ll be showing my research on wachuma during the Festival. I really recommend this Festival and even more the Visionary arts lab that happens before the festival for any person who is interested in experiencing something really powerful in the Andes of Perú, and want to deepen their own artistic research in a very special context… 

This is the official website:


wachuma ceremony # 11

This time it hurt. This time the ceremony was not just light, love and pleasure, this time the cactus thorns pricked me. It was time to feel the little understanding there is within the people I love (my family) towards what I am doing with my personal life. Since they don’t understand, they criticise and say very aggressive things, and during this ceremony I could feel all the harsh feelings towards me in a very painful way. I also understood that I can not hide things for too long, because if I don’t open up and share with honesty the decisions I’m taking in my life, they will never understand and will keep attacking me.  I realised that I’ve been protecting my personal life as if it was a little flower that I didn’t want anyone to touch it so I hided it.  But what I was doing was stopping that little flower from blooming in a natural environment. And during this ceremony the flower was crying. So I realised I need to make changes in my life. I wrote a big letter to all my family explaining everything with all the love I could write it… and now… there are more changes I have to make. Step by step.


Performance May 30th

After all the rehearsals, the nervousness and excitement  I finally did the performance. It is about transcending our shadows through focusing on the pleasure instead of the pain and only through that pleasure elevating our spirit into a a higher level of consciousness. I want to share with everybody this 3 min. video that shows what the performance was like. This is experience is an understanding that came to me through the experimentation I’ve been doing with the sacred plant San Pedro.


I’m preparing a performance about a “wachuma awakening experience”. It is going to be done in The Spanish Cultural Center in Lima, Perú on May 30th. It’s going to be 10 minute long and it’s about my body interacting with video projections to illustrate the feeling of going accepting our own shadows in order to enjoy the pleasure of being alive and through that  joy one can experience a spiritual connection with the cosmos.

This are some pictures of my rehearsals:

rehearsals performance wachuma